It IS Wonder-full

Photo by Laura Seaman on Unsplash

Too many of us have lost our sense of wonder and awe.

I was reading in Eugene Peterson’s amazing text, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, yesterday and I was left breathless as I was confronted again with the beauty and power of the creation. Peterson has always spoke to me. His writing has influenced my life and ministry as much as any other person. Over the summer, I am going to read back through his series on spiritual theology.

I am not entirely sure this is a good idea. Why? Because I sat teary eyed on my patio yesterday afternoon.

The sheer wonder of life, of creation, of this place where we find ourselves alive at this moment, requires response, a thank you. There is something so deeply congruent with the world we live in and who we are that when we become aware of it we exclaim at the miracle and wonder of it. (pg 52)

Last night, after dinner, Amy and I sat on our patio in the cool of the evening. We were giggling at the birds. These birds were flying and singing and darting from here to there. It was so entertaining. We just laughed at them, or was it with them? The beauty and joy the creation and our place in it was tangible in that moment.

But, too many of us have lost our sense of wonder and awe. We have missed out on the beauty and joy of the world around us. Particularly those of us who call ourselves “Christian.” We are ever serious and joy seems to be far from us. The focus that we have is on the future and our escape from this world. The time when we get to go to heaven. Because of this, we miss on the here and now. There is a loss of being left breathless by the silly little birds darting here and there in the backyard.

When was the last time you found yourself surprised by the beauty, love, and joy of the world? We live in a magical place if we would just see it.

I think this is why I’m drawn into stories like those of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings. Magic is real but not in some silly way. It’s real because it’s rooted in the creation and in the place. Hobbits, in particular, are fascinating because they are brave and honest and true and what makes them so is there deep connection to one another and earth.

Maybe I’m just getting old. But, I want to recapture the wonder and joy and awe of seeing the world for the first time. I want to get lost in staring at a rose’s petal or the slow crawl of the inchworm.

What about you? Do you have this sense of wonder and awe? Or are you more concerned about where you’re going and what you’re about to do?

Jesus talks about a faith that gets choked by the cares and concerns of this world. I’m beginning to think that it happens because we lose this child-like sense of awe and wonder of the creation.