#LoveWell Rundown

Stories of people loving well!

It’s another edition of the #LoveWell Rundown! Glad to have you along this week. This is a mostly weekly snapshot of people loving well in our world. It is brought to you by my team of love-well-ologists. If you’d like to join the team, send me a message on Facebook or comment and we will get you started!

The Stories

The first story is a personal for me. Yesterday teachers, coaches, and administrators from Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti drove around dropping off yard signs to celebrate our graduating Seniors. To see the smile on my son’s face was absolutely priceless. More than that, to see the overwhelming gratitude and joy from our community was astonishing. Well done Lincoln Consolidated Schools!

Speaking of teachers (and extroverts everywhere) this woman sings the song of our people!

A few weeks ago some of our friends played “ding dong ditch” in really fun way:

New friends and playmates are forged in the fires of the stay-at-home order (even though I’m pretty sure this is old), nonetheless, baseball always finds a way!

Speaking of baseball…

What if you could go back to your pre-Corona self? This comedian does so and it’s AMAZING.

Here’s a little image to change your entire perspective: