Monday Musing: Vacation Sort Of

I’m supposed to be writing this from a balcony of a tower of the Calypso Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, FL. For obvious reasons, I’m not. Amy and I going to attempt a staycation.

These are really hard for me. For the longest time I didn’t understand why this was the case. Most of my friends love the staycation. I however find little rest in them. I am learning that I need to physically change locations to remove my mind and heart from my day to day. Writing that out sounds really strange. But, for me the physical change of location allows me to understand that I have broken out of the regular routine and rhythms of life.

So, how will I do that in that in the midst of the staycation? I’ve shutdown my social media for the week. It’s gone. I’ve also developed a little plan to read and study and intentionally break free from some of my routines.

The break from the routine and rhythms is to find rest, refreshment, and some relaxation.

What do you do to rest? Share your tips in the comments!