The #LoveWell Rundown

The best #LoveWell moments from the week.

Welcome to the #LoveWell Rundown for this week! Check out these links and stories pointing us toward what it looks like to #LoveWell! Thanks to Dori Jurado and Dave Rose for being a part of the #LoveWell team this week. Drop me a message on Facebook Messenger if you’d like to join the team as a lovewellologist.

Have you ever seen a hippo take its first steps? No? Today is your luck day! Hipp to Hop to Hippo Hop!

Here’s a lost scene from the remarkable Golden Girls!

One of the most moving things I’ve been a part of was joining my friend Leslie at her bell ringing after she beat cancer. She was surrounded by friends and family. It was beautiful and that moment will never leave me. One of the things lost in these days of Covid 19 social distancing are these moments. A neighborhood took it on themselves to make sure their neighborhood got her celebration!

Let’s get to the stories!