The #LoveWell Rundown

Good stories that show us what it looks like to #LoveWell

Each Saturday I point you towards some fun ways that folks are loving well. Check out this week’s links. Also, if you’d like to become a #LoveWell-ologist and help me find stories, let me know by sending me a message on Facebook and I will hook you up.

On to the stories…

The Detroit Tigers are out here doing great things for folks. #AlwaysATiger: Tram Gives A Surprise!

The Detroit Pistons get in on the act with the Tigers doing some good:

This Dad wins Dad of the Year! No prom, no problem for this family. Would it be weird if I did this for Ethan? Yes. OK: Prom Memory

Hey, if your masks are too big just grab a Bucket O’ Monkeys to right size them!

This landlord is going the extra mile to care for one of his residents. This is a picture of #LoveWell: The Loving Landlord

Not only are our first responders taking care of life threatening and dangerous situations they are also out doing things to make folks smile! Birthday Drive By