The #LoveWell Rundown

Good stories that show us that there are folks who #LoveWell

Welcome to this week’s edition of the #LoveWell Rundown! Each Saturday I publish, with the help of my lovewell-ologists, stories of how people are loving well in every day life. If you’d like to help collect these stories and you have a Facebook account reply back to this email and I will set you up.

On to the stories…

So many of us want to rush back to real life. But, maybe we need to consider what we want to rush back to?

With Easter Sunday just being a week ago, we need to remember that the Scottish know how to ask questions. Check out this little one and her Easter questions…

All we can say is, “Alright, alright, alright…” BINGO with Matthew McConaughey

We can’t stop this feeling…

One of the best and most encouraging experiences I’ve ever had is being present for my friend Leslie’s “Bell Ringing,” after she kicked cancer’s butt. Because of physical distancing and stay at home orders those celebrations are harder to have. But not impossible, CHECK THIS OUT!

The dark side of the stay at home order is that domestic abuse is on the rise. Check out this television anchor’s attempt to help…

This is a class move by this landlord!

Well done Michigan Tech! The university is putting its collective brain power to good use by creating mobile PPE disinfection units.

When Granny needs something, you better provide!

It turns out that ramen noodles are not just poor college kids anymore. Check out this video for some tasty ramen hacks: Easy Ramen Hacks